Rewards await you as a Direct Sales Consultant


The fastest growing income and rewards in the USA

Do you desire a second career,

additional income, creating your own 

business with your own panache? Lucky for you.


The Boomer Gazette's Smart Concepts,  have not only researched

we have first hand experience with direct sales businesses.

We have worked with many of the top companies

can offer you first hand expertise and recommendations

for you and your interests.


The beauty of becoming a Consultant on your own that you have choices.... AND you receive the support from business professionals who guide you through all the steps.... Then, YOU make the big decisions as to when and how to build your pick the hours, the days and the

merchandise or services you wish to sell. 


The rewards of becoming a Consultant in your own home party business are truly limitless!

Seniors and Boomers who have chosen new career opportunities as Home Party Consultants have increased within the last two years! Income levels for Home Party Consultants have also increased  for Seniors and Boomers within the same time period.


When you start your business, you'll enjoy flexible hours, fun parties and best of all, sensational money earning opportunities!


We are sure that you will find items and services that will fit your lifestyle and needs. 


We invite our Boomers and Seniors to take full advantage of our research and look into enhancing their lives with a new career as a Home Party/Consultant

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