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Can you imagine back in the days

when we retired at 55?

Now we create empires at 65, and beyond.

Unlike any other demographic,  we have extensive backgrounds, professional skills, and life experiences.
We bring more to the table than

any other demographic group.

Small business owners over 50, we affectionately call Senior and Boomer" preneurs"

We create our niche, set up businesses as a lifestyle change.

Starting a new business as the chance to do what we have always wanted to do.

It is a chance to break free from our employee status & create the go-to resources to succeed.

This is where your smart concepts begins...

Clients are talking...

Cynthia Girard

Nancy Levy is my marketing GO TO coach. She helped me conceive my concept with CJ Cosmetics back in 2012. She worked with the art designer on the brochure, business cards, and the chemist with the product. She fully designed and wrote my website in less than 1 10 days with a E-Commerce.She then applied her incredible knowledge of Search engine optimizing and marketing. We were number one on all Search engines in less than a day.She maintained the business side with old school techniques and the web marketing all together.

Neta Wenrick


Neta Wenrick

Ascent Insurance Services


It is my great pleasure to recommend Nancy Levy.  I have known Ms. Levy for nearly 10 years and have always found her knowledge and expertise in the area of marketing and market needs of great benefit.  She always makes sure her clients know exactly the market they are trying to attract and then coaches them in the best way to reach that desired market.  She is especially knowledgeable in the area of the Boomer Generation.